Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Pictures Around the Garden

This is my favorite time of year; things are growing and the eating is good. The work load has slowed down some and there is more rain so it is not so hard to keep things alive. It gave me enough time to work on building a raised bed I will use next summer for herbs. I went through the garden to take some pictures to share.

Comfrey that has already been cut back once for distilling.
Elderberries that are almost ready to harvest for syrup and for tincture.
Larkspur, most of which has gone to seed and safely saved for planting elsewhere next year.
Holy Basil which is growing quite slowly.
My new raised bed which is one out of three that will go in this same area. Next year it will be overflowing with herbs.

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Sarah Head said...

Hi Cindy

How do you distill your comfrey and what do you use it for? I use the leaves mostly for heated double infused oils for salves and the occasional tincture, but rarely take it internally.