Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Roses are Blooming

I am very excited that the first roses started blooming This week. This is when I gather all my baskets to start picking roses and rose buds to dry and use later for Colorado Aromatics products and crafts I might do later. Some roses will be ground and used in bath salts and scrubs, some will be saved to use in potpourri. The buds will be saved for later use. One thing to do with buds is to string them like a necklace and put them on a lampshade. The warmth of the light will help release the scent. Later when more roses are blooming I'll harvest them for a small distillation run.
Cindy, Sagescript

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Unknown said...

Cindy, what kind of roses are these? I had so much trouble with aphids on my climbing roses, also Japanese Beetles. I finally just kept cutting them down (climbing roses), that they no longer bloom.
I would love to have some to dry also.