Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hello from Dixie

Hello from Possum Creek Herb Farm. Winter has given way to spring...for just one day. Sunny skies and warm temps are drawing me outside to meander and take in the fresh air. I know it is only a tease and that we will have several more weeks of winter. Here at the farm it is always spring in the greenhouses. Now in our tenth year of business, we gird up our loins for another bustling wholesale season. With five greenhouses between biz partner Pat and myself we are confident that we will meet all orders that are coming in.

We really didn't start out this way. The "plan" was to grow a few herbs, sell them at the farm on Sundays and maybe do a show or two. Well, that was many, many moons and several thousand plants ago. Now the farm is more wholesale than retail business. We retail our plants at the local farmers market and online. Wholesale is a national operation with several new accounts this year. The farm continues to stay closed to the public as there is not a clean hand to run a cash register or answer a phone.

In our free time we write for The Essential Herbal, our website, Possum Creek Herb Farm, and our blog. We also work in our own gardens and on occasion, nap under the shade tree. See you around in cyberland.

Possum Creek Herb Farm

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