Monday, February 25, 2008

Chick Day

The ground is frozen and we had a terrible wind storm last night but it must be almost spring because yesterday was 'chick day' at the feed store. The new day old baby chicks arrived and we were greeted by a constant chirp when we entered the store. We actually decided on three; one Rhode Island Red which is my son's favorite breed, one Wyandote, and one bantam silky for me. Now since one of the silkies had somewhat deformed legs they threw it in as an extra, so we have a 'special needs' chick now. I've always wanted a silky, their feathers are different and lack the hard rib going down the center and so they are more fluffy and hairy like. Bantams refer to miniature chickens which also have very small eggs. They will stay in the house for some time to keep warm and my husband and son have promised to take care of them since I really don't need any more work to do. We will see about that. In the meantime we really need to work on expanding the chicken run to allow for more. I'll be writing more about my animals on my blog for the next few weeks and posting pictures.


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Roxann said...

The deformity you mention on the silkie chick is not just that it has too many toes? if so, that's normal for them ;) i thought ours were deformed too until i found that out.

i love chickens and especially love fresh eggs!