Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hello from Sagescript Farms

Science is my passion. Since childhood I have thrived learning about the natural world around me. This passion inspired me to earn a Ph.D. in biochemistry and continue laboratory research in cancer cell growth. Through that experience I learned several things that guide my current work; disease is easier to prevent than to treat, medical research allows little time for raising a family, the science of herbalism and how phytochemicals interact with human physiology in incredibly interesting, and I am more comfortable in a lab that includes a garden and a workshop.

My herbal business requires attributes that I cultivated in scientific research; creativity, intuition, logic, and scrutiny, and allows me to develop new skills. In my natural health business I make and sell skin care and health care products, educate on issues of health and grow herbs. Another important part of my business is testing products for safety through microbiology assays on emulsions and other skin care products. You can learn about my products and services at I also do medical writing and teach anatomy & physiology and other science classes at local colleges.

After recently realizing my dream to move to a small acreage property I look forward to new adventures in sustainable herb farming with plans of having lavender as my main crop. Teaching gardens and a classroom are included in my farm plans which I will be writing about on my blog.
Cindy Jones of Colorado

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