Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Howdy from Arkansas!

I tried to make this post yesterday, but our server here at work wasn't letting it go through. So, I'll try again...

Our farm lies in the heart of the Boston Mountain range of the Ozarks in Northwest Arkansas. We're way off the beaten path, so it presents a strategic problem when I'm trying to organize my business as many folks are not going to want to drive their vehicles six miles down a gravel county road. However, it also presents a unique environment, because it is not in a developed area, for those who desire to experience the healing plants growing in a natural and wild ecosystem. My business focus is beginning to cater more to those who want to spend entire days immersed in nature, organic gardening, and learning to identify, harvest, and utilize medicinal plants. Most will be found growing wild and we will discuss the ethical issues of responsible harvest, but some will be cultivated as part of my organic CSA garden. Another niche I would like to develop caters to those who make flower essences and plant spirit medicines. We have an excellent location for someone who wants to spend quiet meditation time with special plants, such as ginseng, goldenseal, bloodroot, black cohosh, wild ginger, and many other healing plants that grow in the Ozarks.

It is great to be part of this blogging community and I hope to become more refined in vision and goals for my business, since writing about it forces me to re-examine exactly what it is that stirs my soul in what I do. Each time I struggle for a business description, I understand more clearly my role as a facilitator between plants and people.


Roxann, Kingston, AR

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