Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Greetings and Blessings

I am Kristena Roder. I run an online shoppe called Dreamseeds that is spread out in different places
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Dreamseeds at HC

Dreamseeds is my soap business that helps keep me home to raise my children. I am so blessed(although

I am 41 and the mother of 7 children, 4 were born at home. I also have 2 stepkids and 2 grandaughters. I am a cervical cancer survivor to which treatment put me into menopause. That has been a trip to say the least, but I must say that although it is a hormonocoaster, it calls a woman to a different place. And it is a good place.
So, this has caused me to be so much more aware of my community and working as an herbwife/herbwyfe(i like "y"'s)
The weekend of February 9, 2008 I was awarded a full scholarship to
Birth Arts International
So the journey continues to unfold before me. I feel a calling to at least try to create positive change for the world. This scholarship took me by surprise, but it would be foolish to not accept the offer for furthering my education.

I live in NW Arkansas about an hour and half north of Roxanne actually. I live in a town called Bella Vista which is the Ozark hills near the Missouri border. This is the home of Walmart, or pretty close. Bentonville is our neighbor so most folks that live here are either retired or Walmart employed.

My husband and I went furiously in search of land all summer last year only receive a non approval from the bank...this is when things in real estate began getting bad and our income to debt ration did not qualify us.
So we said heck with it. We have been here 5 years remodeling the house. Now its time to do work outside. We are trying to create an herb center here which basically means we are making beds to grow herbs, and planting endangered herbs too. And also leave room for classes/consults etc.... so Dreamseeds Herb Center is what we call it to incorporate everything we hope to do on our tiny lot in the hills.

I am teaching Intro Herbalism classes and working on a podcast show as well.
I feel pretty stretched and just about the time I think I cannot endure anymore, I take on another task. So I think I fit in here very

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